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Welcome, and thank you for following me on my website.

I started in Missouri and ended up in England. That journey has taken me through great joys and deep valleys. Through my blog, I share some of my trials and blessings, always pointing to Christ, my strong tower. Let me tell you a bit more about myself.

I am the mother of 5 wonderful adult children and 16 beautiful, boisterous grandchildren.

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My husband Tom and I are Baptist Bible Fellowship church-planting missionaries in England.  You can read more about our ministry here  And yes, Tom is a full-blood Cherokee Indian.

Gail, The Children's BookAuthor

What started out as naptime stories for my two little granddaughters, turned into a series of children's books entitled Reba and Katherine.  All of the stories are true because you see, my sister and I are the real-life Reba and Katherine.

My illustrator, Javier Duarte, has done a wonderful job drawing the characters from family photos. The buildings, vehicles, and landscapes mirror our farm and hometown, Marshfield, Missouri.

Through these stories, I am creating a keepsake - a True Story Keepsake!  And you get to join in the fun!

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Gail, The Blogger

In 2013, my oldest daughter challenged me to start writing a blog.  I had completed an intensive study on Bible words, and she convinced me to start sharing my work.  It was a new adventure for me because I was, and still am, not very tech-savvy. Yet, I began posting my work weekly and found a group of loyal readers who encouraged me to carry on. So, for the past several years, I have blogged through Beside the Well.  

Gail, The Encourager

2020 found me stepping out further as I began doing devotional teaching by video.  This took me to the world of YouTube.  With the goal of encouragement, I share my personal journey and talk with my viewers about anxiety, fear, and depression. These lessons have now been published as devotion books.  

What's Next?

I'm wondering the same thing! While I continue to blog, teach through YouTube, and publish more  devotionals, I'm still hoping for that proper book - the one through a publishing company.  Meanwhile, I continue writing, teaching, and studying with hopes that someday it will all fall into place. 
I hope you enjoyed exploring my site. You can contact me here or through Facebook messenger. Please visit the site links, purchase a Reba and Katherine story or two, check out the devotionals, and leave me a review on Amazon.

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