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True Story Keepsake

Everyone likes a true story, and that is exactly what the Reba and Katherine series is-true stories about my sister and I growing up on the family farm surrounded by a loving multi-generational family. I am creating a family keepsake and inviting you to share in the fun.  And that's not all, you will find one other story listed below, and there are more on the way!

Messy Hair Cover_edited.png

Messy Hair Game

Reba and Katherine are tired of waiting on Grandma, so they invent their own game to pass the time. Have they made a poor choice? Also available in Welsh and Spanish Editions!

Other Children's Works


There's A Hole In My Sock

Mikey's courage sets him free as he learns to stop the thought that keeps talking in his head. He wrestles and questions and thinks it through...there might just be a clue in there for you!

Pony Cart Front Cover.jpeg

The Pony Cart

Reba and Katherine invite their friend Melody for a play day, but when they go for a pony cart ride, things don't work out as they planned.

Grandpa Cover_edited.jpg

Grandpa's Gift

A shopping trip with Great Grandpa Bill, one of Reba and Katherine's favorite playmates, turns into quite a hullabaloo. Between the three of them, they keep Grandma on her toes.

front cover.png

Snowy Delivery

Wrapped in the love of their family, Reba and Katherine anticipate Christmas Day.  But this snowy Christmas Eve there comes a special delivery.

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